Are you security printer impanelled by the IBA?
Yes. We are printers approved and appointed by the IBA to print security documents such as
cheques / warrants / bonds / certificates etc.
Can you print MICR instruments as per “CTS-2010 Standard” Specifications?
Yes. We can print MICR instruments as per CTS-2010 Standards.
Do you manufacture carbonless business forms?
Yes. We manufacture carbonless business forms as well.
What is the shelf life of your multi-part business forms / security documents?
The shelf life of our multi-part business forms/security documents is 12 months.
What is the minimum quantity you can print?
It depends on the job requirements of the client.
Are samples that are required for RBI testing chargeable?
We bear the cost of the samples sent for RBI testing.
Do you provide design consultancy?
Yes. We have an experienced team of D.T.P operators who would help you with designing your artwork.
What precaution do you take so that our material is not damaged during transit?
All your consignments are packed in corrugated boxes after which the boxes are strapped. During the monsoons the material is wrapped in waterproof covers.
Do you insure outstation consignments?
Yes. All risks to our outstation consignments are covered under Transit Insurance Policy the cost of which is borne by us.
Do you manage the logistics?
We do take care of the logistics unless the clients wishes to take the delivery through his transporter.
Do you charge for logistics?
We do not charge for the logistics within Mumbai city. The charges for outstation consignments are charged as per actuals.

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