Paper Printing

Printing literally refers to a method of reproducing image and text. As simple as this may sound, the processes involved in bringing the exact output for the various products that Jai Kaushal deals in are quite the contrary. Paper printers in Mumbai and India use a variety of methods to get the perfect print for each product.

Being an IBA approved printer, Jai Kaushal Forms is amongst a handful of paper printers in Mumbai, India that undertakes continuous cheque printing for listed companies and banks. Cheques are often printed on MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Cheque Paper. This is a special paper which instantly stains on contact with acid, alkalis and organic solvents like acetone. MICR paper can be read by computerized programs and hence these cheques can be electronically processed. MICR paper is often coupled with double sided carbon paper for continuous cheque printing.

When it comes to printing of continuous business stationery, paper printers in Mumbai and India use special paper. For example, One Time Carbon (OTC) paper is used in the printing of multi-part continuous stationery. Similarly, paper printers in Mumbai and India use carbonless paper for the printing of computer stationery such as invoices. This paper is specially treated such that it does not require a layer of interleaved carbon.

Jai Kaushal Forms also prints examination mark-sheets and certificates. This is a reputed job given to a select number of paper printers in Mumbai and India. Since certificates and mark-sheets are cherished for decades, the paper used for printing them needs to be strong and durable. Paper printers in Mumbai and India, print these on thicker papers of higher gsm .

Paper printers in Mumbai and India also follow a number of paper tests and parameters while thinking of the desired print. Different types of paper are checked for qualities like grammage, moisture content, water absorption and thickness. They are also checked for optical qualities like opacity, whiteness, colour and brightness. Another important area that paper printers in Mumbai and India emphasize is the strength properties of various papers. These include compressibility, elongation, hardness, tensile strength and tearing resistance.

The quality of output in a product is directly dependent on the quality of its raw materials. We at Jai Kaushal Forms see to it that all our inputs from tangible paper to intangible thoughts are untainted and flawless. This ensures that we remain amongst the innovators in the paper printing industry in Mumbai and across India.

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