Security Documents Printing

The niche industry of security documents printing in Mumbai, India and even across the globe operates under high confidentiality and stringent quality control at all stages. Printing of bank cheques, interest/dividend/redemption warrants, share certificates, bond certificates and demand drafts comes under the purview of security printers in Mumbai and India.

Jai Kaushal Forms is one of the few security printers in Mumbai and even India who undertakes contracts involving superior processes like those of hot foil stamping, hologram affixing, printing with UV ink and fugitive ink and rainbow colour printing. Each of these processes ensures that the security documents remain tamper proof and nearly impossible to copy.

For example, security printers in Mumbai and India use UV Ink, which is invisible to the naked eye, for the printing of share certificates and warrants. This ink is visible only under a scanner having a UV light. Similarly, rainbow colour printing is another security feature: Jai Kaushal Forms introduced rainbow colour printing to security documents printers in Mumbai and India for the first time in the 1980s. Rainbow colour printing not only makes documents look richer, but its subtle hues are unattainable under replication. Hot foil stamping is used when a part of a document needs to be highlighted in a golden, silver or metallic effect. This is used on security documents like share certificates, bond certificates and bank cheques and even business documents like letterheads and invoices.

Amongst security printers in Mumbai and even across India, Jai Kaushal Forms has been selected to print government documents like university marksheets and municipal certificates. We at Jai Kaushal Forms, understand that printing of such documents requires high adherence to rules and regulations and also high security while printing. Our 40,000 sq.ft facility at Taloja is installed with CCTV cameras and no unauthorized person is allowed within the premises.

Our efforts in the area of security document printing have seen rewards in a number of national and international customers that we serve. Some of our international customers include Oman International Bank, Bank of Kathmandu and NCC Bank. We also serve reputed business houses like TATA, Aditya Birla, Avantha, Jindal, Reliance and LIC amongst many others. Our customers and employees together make us one of the best security printers in Mumbai and across India.

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